Lego blocks for businesses – Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is a serverless application that helps businesses integrates all kinds of systems and services that are used in their organisation. It provides lego blocks like objects called as triggers, connectors and actions which you can pick and build automated workflows that is needed for your business.

Processes are essential for an enterprise that relies on technology to integrate applications. Azure logic apps simplifies this process with workflows that connects multiple cloud, on-prem services and data.

Lego blocks of Azure Logic Apps


Logic Apps needs a trigger to kickstart a workflow. A trigger can be an event such as when an email arrives with the subject #support or when a file appears on my on-prem file storage etc. Trigger can also be a scheduled job that is invoked at a particular time.

Common triggers available to get start in Azure Logic Apps. Screenshot from


Trigger leads to one or more Actions that does an operation. Action defines what operation needs to be performed based on the data received from the previous step or connector.

Azure logic apps provides built-in control actions such as Condition, For each, Operations that can call APIs, Azure functions etc.

Example, when a tweet is posted tagging your enterprise, an action can be created to analyse the sentiment on the customer experience and create a ticket in ITSM service or send email with the tweet details to customer support team.


Connectors are a predefined component that can connect to cloud or an on-prem services. There are plethora of connectors available such as Outlook, Bing Maps, SAP, SQL, Oracle, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.

Connectors are components that connects to external services.

Developers or IT Administrators can make use of these connectors and configure the integration of the desired service.

Few of the built-in connectors of Azure Logic Apps. Screenshot from


All the above building blocks together forms a workflow. A workflow starts with a trigger followed by a series of steps / actions.

With Azure logic apps, the integration of multiple services and business process implementation becomes a breeze an organisation. Workflows can be created in less time and effort.

Azure Logic Apps workflow represented as Lego blocks.

I hope this article gave you a quick overview of Azure logic apps. You can learn more on the how-to guides and pricing from

Thank you for reading, have a fantastic weekend.

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